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This Web Site is dedicated to the Men and Women who served at the 67th Reconnaissance Squadron at Yokota AB Japan, from 1957 to 1971.  Many of us consider our assignment to the 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) as the best job we ever had. Moreover, many of us feel that we were performing critical duties at critical times and were a key part of very significant developments in the area of reconnaissance systems that laid the foundation for current DoD and national capabilities. Although many of the people involved in these activities ultimately went on to bigger and better things, most still take immense pleasure in the accomplishments of the 67th RTS, and their role therein. This Website provides an opportunity to renew acquaintances, rekindle old friendships, relive fond memories, and examine ways to let the rest of the world know about the accomplishments of the 67th RTS and the unsung heroes who contributed so much with so little recognition.

Our Mission: -1968 version

The mission of the 67th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (67RTS) is to provide reconnaissance technical support in response to requirements established by Headquarters, Fifth Air Force or higher headquarters.

WARTIME: During wartime, the 67RTS will:
1. Furnish reconnaissance technical support for wartime targeting and theater air reconnaissance programs;

2. Exploit aerial photography and intelligence reports; and

3. Produce   aerial   photography prints, photo interpretation reports, and target materials per appropriate war plans or as required by higher headquarters.

PEACETIME: During peacetime, the 67RTS will:

1. Furnish  reconnaissance  technical  support  for command targeting and peacetime air reconnaissance programs;

2. Produce standard air target materials as directed by higher headquarters, and interim air target materials as required; and

3. Maintain optimum readiness to support theater wartime operations.



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